Introducing a new family member

My (fairly) old workstation/mediastation, more commonly known as Relling just didn’t cut it anymore. He was very noisy, quite chubby and not so fast around the corners. So, it was time for a replacement. The need was basically; lightweight pc, low-cost, quiet, could serve tv-signals and possibly serve a ftp-server.

Some years ago I surfed on itx motherboards, but then the price was high and the performance low. But now I discovered this was the board that basically served all my needs! For around 1000NOK (200$) I got a mini-itx LN10000 (1GHz, 1Gb ram, tv-out, fanless) and from Relling and an even older scrapped pc I had harddrive, power-supply and everything else I needed.

Since I didn’t had any idea what to build the computer in – I decided to just mount it (temporarily) on a wooden board and install a fresh WinXP install on it.

And it worked like a charm!

So what about the family? Well, the family consists of my pc’s and the theme is Ibsens Vildanden. The laptop is Hedvig, server is Hjalmar, workstation Relling and now the new small nifty one is: Gina!

You can’t just have the pc mounted on the board just like that?! You might ask this. Well, no. So I found this very nice metal box at IKEA which is going to be Gina’s new body (skin?).

But I haven’t figured out how to place everything in it just yet. More on that in a later post.

For now. Welcome Gina!

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