Economy crisis – a hungry perspective

Today I read Atle’s blog post on food and the poor economy of students and how he would like to spend more money on food if it was available (both money and good food). This inspired me, or more triggered me, to write about my interest in food or more specific the creation of food.

The past years I’ve come to realize that I (reluctantly) can be put into the category of a hobby cook. I enjoy cooking, for several reasons, it is relaxing, it is fulfilling in the sense that you get the satisfaction of actually producing something physical and a sense of accomplishment, additionally it (sometimes) releases those gorgouse endorphines by tasting good:)

Okey, now I’m on a rambling streak.

Atle’s post indicated a notion that good food have a strong coherence with the amount of money you spend on it. I disagree in this coherence. One of my satisfactions in cooking is to produce good, primarily healthy, food, that do not cost that much. This can seem trivial, but as Atle pointed out, it isn’t that easy to find good ingredients in the local shops – at least with the limited mobility of a student eagering to get home quickly.

To constrain it even more – making dinner on a regular week day should consume a fairly limited amount of time.

Combined this makes cooking a challenge – but an interesting an fun challenge:)

To sum up. I strongly believe this is possible to achieve and in my quest for this I collect recipes in my wiki (norwegian). Prices are not included as this should not be the primary goal, but a guiding constraint.

Some ending tips. Fresh ingredients are preferred thereby gearing towards making food bottom-up (ie. traditional style). Combined this often leads to a limited price tag and certainly very good tasting. Try it! :)

As for the post’s title – it is misleading, but hopefully attracting – don’t blame the player, blame the game:)

Know your balls

(some after-thoughts/EULA, this post is mainly Sunday-morning rambling on different thoughts and is, off course, not necessarily a closed and perfect discussion:)

Earlier this week I attended the weekly drawing lecture. The field of art is not my primary field of study, however it is one of my interests. Anyhow, back to the lecture. The course is at a very basic stage and assignment is in the notion of; draw greyscale bars, combining as much material and tools as possible. Off course the motivation behind this is to get used to techniques, tools and materials and the possibilities provided by them. The teacher is almost obsessed in emphasizing this objective for the course. In one rambling on the reason for methodizing the figure/ground notion the teacher explained the reason with the phrase;

“Du må vite hvilke baller du sjonglerer med” (orig)
“You must know which balls you are juggling with” (translated)

I became struck by this metaphor and the thought of fields where this applies became a thought hanging with me for the rest of the week. I found the metaphor to be almost valid for any fields in off course varying degree. The main reason that started the thinking process around this is probably that I’m currently is beginning my master thesis where I write on the understanding of quality in maps, conceptual modeling and the combination of this. This quickly becomes a form of philosophical task where a categorization of quality is needed and thus a segmentation of the understanding of the real world is needed. So, after a day or two thinking on this and the metaphor from the drawing teacher I became to realize that the metaphor fits, like a glow, to the understanding of quality and the formalization of this.

To conclude, after several days of thinking and one blog post I have concluded that the objective for my work with the master thesis is to provide some guide into knowing which balls you have and how to juggle them.

Okey, so for the ones that thought this post was of sexual character, I’m sorry that I’m not able to fulfill your expectations:)