Blaise Aguera y Arcas astonish us again

In 2007 (that is 3 years ago!) Blaise Aguera y Arcas, along with Microsoft, astonished us by presenting the Seadragon and Photosynth technology. It was, and still is very very impressing and embedded below.

On this years TED conference he was at it again – and – astonishing everyone again with an augmented reality “intelligent” map application. It is amazing what his team manage to develop!

The obvious competitor is Google Maps which probably has a better grip at the market. However, Google does not compete at all with the technology presented at TED – although they do have more users – and maybe an easier solution fitting more users?

Anyway – watch the talks if you haven’t yet.

The norwegian mapping authority to provide free map services

The norwegian mapping authority announced today they are (finally) going to provide free map services! This has been long awaiting in the mapping community. Release of the services will be December 1. 2009 – however they provide some information on what to expect:

There will be two main services, one full WMS service and one cached version of, probably, the most popular WMS-requests. Limits are 300 requests pr. user pr. 24 hour for the WMS and 10000 request pr. user pr. 24 hour for the cached version. It is not explicitly defined whether this constraint will reside on the client side or for the system – however I reckon they will put the constraint on the system and not the client – and probably increase the WMS constraint a bit, or provide cheap “WMS request plans”. [update] According to @paalkr the constraint is on client side.

The data released covers most of the general applicable data in full detail!

In sum this is great! Finally the mapping authority is part of the modernized mapping game!

More on this (Norwegian mostly)