Tool support for vital decision making

[update:] Small bugfix, fixing last eaten and times eaten.

Tools which enable easier decision making is very interesting. GIS is said to be one such tool – however, many exist.

Every day I have to make a vital decision which will inevitably affect my life quality for the rest of the day. Namely, what to have for dinner? Trivial you say? Well, it might be – but still a trivial, vital decision needs to be taken.

Several years into the dinner-decision-making-process I have recognized that some attributes of recipees tend to manipulate the decision:

  1. Well known and used recipees tend to be chosen more often than innovative recipes (at least in a hectic week day situation)
  2. Time since last eaten is crucial – it the time span is less than some days it ranks poor in the decision making.
  3. Suggestions are always appreciated – especially if their from the “well known set”.
  4. However, suggestions are not always welcomed. The lack of creativity and part-time memento motivates for listing all well-known recipes and their attributes.
  5. Comprehensive recipes are not inspiring – you know how to make them – you just need to navigate to the right one.

In a response to these recognitions I rapidly (almost lightspeed) implemented a system which provides a solution to the decision making problem. To what degree the system will perform in terms of; usefulness, technology acceptance, coding errors – will stand the test of time through comprehensive empirical research – conducted by myself with myself as participant.

Anyway, enough rambling. The point is. I have this problem of dinner decision. I eat dinner everyday. “All” others eat dinner everyday. Well, don’t need to be a Rocket Surgeon (!?) to figure out that probably some other finds use of this.

Thus, the system is open-sourced.

Licenses are probably worth about Ø, however, it is licensed under  Creative Commons License

Essentially, do what you like – just give me a pop here if you like it:)

Requirements are; MySQL, PHP – no testing of browser support! (only FF3.0)

What the system supports:

  • Automatically wrapping links with <a href>  tags
  • Automatically wrapping image links with <img> tags
  • Automatically make the first line a header (<h2>)
  • Storing when you ate the dinner
  • Counting how many times you have eaten the dinner
  • Users (very low-level, but still, working)

And for all those wondering. Yes, this is a procrastination work. Master thesis writing is really inspiring – although inspiring in probably not the correct direction :)


Norwegian traffic messages in Google Maps

The popularity of traffic messages visualized in a map is increasing – especially with the advent of GPS enabled devices supporting RDS/TMC. In Norway there are only one or two businesses that provides such messages – although the information has been available for several year (natural language over FM-radio, newer; natural language over XML).

In a response to this NRK now released their traffic messages in RDS/TMC for every device supporting this. When looking at their page I found out that they additionally, actually delivers the same messages georefered with lat/lon and timestamps. So, while having a slightly slow day at the office I decided to prototype a system that retrieves the feed (serverside), parse it, and serves it (or part of it) in JSON and then visualize it in a map.

The solution can be found here. As always the system is not intended to be bulletproof, so be nice! It updates the data every 60 seconds using AJAX/JS, whether that is necessary is another discussion:)

And, yeah, I know P4 has a similar solution, and I ain’t gonna compete nor compare;)

Screenshot of the prototype
Screenshot of the prototype